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New Year…New Me?

Well, another year has passed and as I read my blog from three years ago, I wonder, have I changed?  What is different?  Am I better? Worse? I desperately want everything to be improved and frankly, I am already feeling like a failure since three years have passed since I published anything on my blog.  How sad is that? I vow to be better this year, this will be the year that I journal everything, that I wake up early each day, that I meditate each morning, I am up for this challenge.  So, back to our original question, am I different?  Physically speaking, I think I have more wrinkles, but also more muscles.  It is a trade-off of sorts! Emotionally speaking, I stress less, I accept ‘what is’ more, but I might swear more. Another trade-off? 🙂


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