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Is that a big number? If a doctor told you that you had a 25-50% chance of having cancer…would it be a high number then? That is the news that I got today and I am frozen. For the first few minutes while the doctor was speaking to me, I was simply silent with tears running down my face. My mom was speaking incessantly, nerves perhaps. I couldn’t think of one coherent question to ask. Which seemed impossible because I am a college teacher and I pride myself on my inquisitive nature. But for several minutes, while the doctor was speaking to me like I was a small child and my mom was explaining her life experiences, I said nothing. And then, just like that, my brain clicked on and I asked a few questions. Believe me, no gems, but at least I asked something coherent. I am stuck on the 25-50%…he didn’t say 0-50% or 10-50%, he said 25-50%, that seems very important.


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