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Why is it that whenever you sit down to write, all tenable thoughts go out the window? I know I have something to say, yet no words come. ‘A’ arrived home from sailing for seven days convinced that he needs to live on a sailboat. I am immediately envisioning this life for him as he spins the tale. He will get a kitty and raise it on the boat; it will be his only sailing partner. He will travel the world on his small sailing vessel, living in Florida in the winter and then up North for the summer. I can’t quite figure out if I am so desperate to make his life happy and satisfying that I feel a strong pull to Google sailing alone and watch YouTube videos in order to make this desire come true or if I am just too heavily invested in always making my kids’ dreams a reality. What kind of danger is this? Why the strong pull to satisfy our children? This can’t possibly be a healthy goal, yet I work hard to convince myself that I am just trying to provide him with life experiences…yes, that is my goal! Perhaps it is that A is not easily satisfied so if something seems to sate him, I am intrigued. My ‘men’ as I call them, R and L, are easily satisfied in life. They are happy, well adjusted and, other than a current Minecraft addiction, simply awesome. More on Minecraft later…yes, we have much to discuss!


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This entry was posted on August 2, 2012 by in parenting, kids, college teaching.
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