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New Year…New Me?

Well, another year has passed and as I read my blog from three years ago, I wonder, have I changed?  What is different?  Am I better? Worse? I desperately want … Continue reading

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A Few Days, A Few Years, Twenty Years

Well, the test results came back after waiting ten days….ten days is an excruciatingly long time. I ran my miles, I spent time alone, I looked at my life as … Continue reading

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Is that a big number? If a doctor told you that you had a 25-50% chance of having cancer…would it be a high number then? That is the news that … Continue reading

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How to begin

Why is it that whenever you sit down to write, all tenable thoughts go out the window? I know I have something to say, yet no words come. ‘A’ arrived … Continue reading

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Fighting for A

I decided to start my first blog with a daunting topic, my oldest son. I like a challenge and a challenge he is….why not start with the heavy stuff? I … Continue reading

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